Risk Advisory

We have adopted the latest thinking in Risk Management which endeavours to achieve convergence of the related but hitherto silo-ed disciplines of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) into a single discipline.

Our definition of GRC encompasses such processes as corporate governance, strategy and business performance, risk management, compliance, internal control, corporate security, legal, information technology, business ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, quality management, human capital and culture, audit and assurance, and finance.

Our Advisory solution is tailored to individual client requirements on a case by case basis. Typically this involves the below:-

  • A comprehensive GAP Analysis using our well-researched 10-point Framework to help organizations draw an implementation road-map for implementing their Risk Management strategy
  • Development of the Risk Management strategy, Policy Statement, Standards, Guidelines, Risk Management Plan, and Assurance Plan, etc.
  • Development ¬†and implementation of a comprehensive Risk Management training framework including Stakeholder Analysis, Training Need Assessment, and carrying out actual enterprise-wide (boardroom to mailroom) Training and awareness campaign
  • Development and deployment of a structure and accountability framework that include Board Risk Management Arrangements, Risk Management Working Group Manager, Risk Management, Risk Management Champions, and Risk and Control Owners, etc.
  • Development and deployment of a review and improvement mechanism including Control Assurance, Risk Management Plan Progress, Risk Management Maturity Evaluation, Risk Management KPIs, Benchmarking and Governance Reporting, etc.